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Our food is prepared from fresh ingredients, with a pinch of love. Today we prepared a restaurant special, and we hope you’ll enjoy every bite.

– Menu from the depth of Adriatic Sea –

What makes us different and what we are most proud of is the fact that all of our sea food comesfrom the depth of Adriatic sea. Our chefs prepare this freshly caught fish and see food the traditional way so you can taste only the finest of Adriatic.

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About us

On our menu, you’ll find a diverse offer of fishes, clams, crabs, meat and we are very proud of our
rich wine list. Enjoy your meal with sounds of live music in our restaurant. Since we are located in a heart of Zagreb, we’ll try to make a Mediterranean mood in which, we hope, you’ll enjoy. In our meals you’ll taste a touch of Mediterranean style.

If you are coming by car, we have a large parking with 20 parking places. Just come and we’ll take
care of everything else.

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